Our Teachers – Sophia Hardesty

Sophia Hardesty

Owner/Operator, Voice Instructor, Glee Club Director and More

Sophia Hardesty (formerly Tobin) is the Founder of Naptown Sings! With an unwavering passion for music education, Sophia opened the Naptown Sings! studio to offer a rich and exciting musical experience to local Annapolis youth. She holds two music degrees from The University of Maryland School of Music, College Park: a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance and a Bachelor of Music Education in K-12 Vocal/General Music. She recently received a Master of Music Education degree from Anderson University.

On top of running the studio, Sophia teaches general music at Rogers Heights Elementary in Prince Georges County part-time. Sophia’s choirs are award-winning in the county. She also collaborated with a 3-member team to rewrite the county’s elementary choral curriculum. Sophia directs the studio’s popular Glee Clubs, which perform all over the Annapolis area, including at events like Eastport A Rockin, The Chocolate Binge Festival, and First Sundays. Additionally, Sophia teaches most of the group classes at the studio and gives private voice lessons to people of varied ages, styles, and abilities.

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