Our Teachers – Sean Pietras

Sean Pietras

Guitar, Ukulele, and Songwriting Teacher

Sean is a passionate and confident guitar teacher, vocal coach, and singer/songwriter. These are two qualities that go a long way when instilling musical values in students. When asked what teaching means to him, Sean replied “Having the opportunity to share my gifts and enrich the lives of others, has become the most fulfilling element of my life.” Sean’s love for the performing arts has been evident since his first lead role onstage as a fifth grader. Participating actively in his school’s orchestra and choirs, it was at the age of 12 that his true love was realized, when he received his first guitar… After years of rigorous study, dedicated practice, and hundreds of stages, Sean began sharing his unique style as a guitar instructor and vocal coach at age 27.

He never looked back. Some of his past students have gone on to attend the Peabody Conservatory, and Berklee College Music; as well as record and produce their own original music. We brought Sean on to the Naptown Sings and Plays! team not only to teach guitar and ukulele, but to guide students interested in writing songs. Sean is out there gigging, and sharing his own songs with the world on the regular. He has shared the studio and stage with a ton of great acts. From playing BB King’s Blues Lounge in Nashville with Marcell and the Truth, to solo appearances at SXSW in Austin; his music has allowed for some very special experiences. His real-world experience, paired with his passion for teaching, is a perfect combo for our budding singer-songwriters of all ages, here at the studio. You’ll see for yourselves after just one lesson.

Read more about Sean here, seanpietras.com

Here’s What People are Saying about Sean:

“As a non-traditional student, I was nervous about starting to learn to play an instrument at almost 30. However, when I reached out to Sophia, she assured me that there was a place for me at Naptown Sings. She connected me with Sean Pietras and we hit the ground running, in a very welcoming environment where I am learning to shed my self-consciousness and embrace my love for music fully. Sean’s approach to learning guitar has worked really well for me, where I find songs that I personally enjoy and learn around them, and each song truly has its own challenge. I feel really accomplished when we get through a song, and am pleasantly surprised to find that I’ve learned many other valuable lessons along the way. Additionally, Sean is very encouraging and understanding. I don’t feel pressured to meet any expectations, and he is always quick to congratulate my progress. Overall, I would highly recommend Sean as a great guitar teacher. I look forward to continuing my lessons here, and find that it is really easy to do so with such an automated system and Sophia checking in on me to make sure it’s all going smoothly.
Thanks to Sean and Naptown Sings & Plays! ”
-Clara Peterson