Private Lessons

Summer Flex Lesson Packages

Summer is the perfect time of year to either start taking private lessons or to take some time to truly focus on existing lessons. Why? Time is on your side. There’s no extra homework or crazy extracurriculars to distract your child or you from learning your instrument. That being said, we know it is hard to commit fully in the summer with vacations and other summer fun. We’ve come up with some flex lesson packages, so you get the best of both worlds!

How it works!

1) Decide which option you prefer and register!
2) Scroll down to submit a request for Summer Flex Lessons.
3) We’ll get back with you to confirm dates and times.
4) Once all is confirmed, REGISTER BELOW!


We are traveling a lot this summer. 6 lessons is good: REGISTER HERE

6 lessons: 30 mins each: $240 ($40 per lesson)
6 lessons: 45 mins each: $360 ($60 per lesson)
6 lessons: 60 mins each: $450 ($75 per lesson)


We want to commit, but not FULLY. 8 lessons is perfect: REGISTER HERE

8 lessons: 30 mins each: $304 ($38 per lesson)
8 lessons: 45 mins each: $456 ($57 per lesson)
8 lessons: 60 mins each: $576 ($72 per lesson)


We’re home all summer. We will miss 1-2 weeks tops (9-11). Let’s do regular weekly lessons. REGISTER HERE

Weekly 30 min lessons: $135 per month ($33.75 per lesson)
Weekly 45 min lessons: $200 per month ($50 per lesson)
Weekly 60 min lessons: $260 per month ($65 per lesson)


A-la-carte lessons. We’ll schedule lessons as we go. Pick a number and REGISTER HERE

30 mins each: $40 per lesson
45 mins each: $60 per lesson
60 mins each: $75 per lesson

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy:

  • Flex lessons must be used between June 17th and August 31st 2019
  • If you haven’t already, e-mail to schedule the exact dates.
  • Students are expected to attend each scheduled lesson. Make-up lessons will not be granted during this time frame.
  • If we cannot accommodate your request during the initial scheduling, you will be refunded. After that, payments are non-refundable.

Private Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass, Mandolin, and Penny Whistle lessons

We hand select our teachers based on two criteria:

  1. Ability to engage students in musical learning for upbeat and fun lessons.
  2. Ability to provide high quality age/skill appropriate lessons to all students.

Private Lessons Request Form

We are now registering new students for private lessons. Due to high volume we ask that you first submit a request for lessons. We will get back to you with available times and a start date.

Instrument Choice

Preferred Teacher (Optional)

Days Available

Naptown Sings and Plays! Private Lessons Policies

Prior to registering for lessons, please familiarize yourselves with these policies, and write down all pertinent dates. You will be required to initial each part of the contract upon registering. This will avoid any future confusion.

We've worked hard to come up with a policy that is very much in line with the industry standard (if not more flexible), that will ensure that students stay committed to their weekly learning, and that is fair to our both students and our teachers.


  • The cost for lessons is $135 per month for 30 minute lessons, $200 per month for 45 minute lessons, and $260 per month for 60 minute lessons. We've removed all payment fees, so the prices are actually unchanged from last year.
  • Payments are due on the first of the month every month via auto-debit.
  • If a payment is late, or a payment processing problem is not resolved in 7 days of the due payment, a $15 charge will be added.
  • Payments are non-refundable for any reason.

Lesson Termination Policy

  • One month’s notice is required via e-mail to if a student wishes to pause or stop lessons. Payments for lessons will be canceled exactly one month from the date notice is given. Sophia will e-mail you back to confirm the cancellation date. If you do not hear back within one week, please follow up with a voice call to 410-279-3208 (as e-mail can sometimes be finicky).

Cancellation Policy

  • If the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, he or she will be sure to provide a make-up lesson within 30 days.
  • If the student/parent cancels a lesson for any reason, the three following make-up options will be given. While specific make-up requests will not be accommodated, these options allow a student to miss up to 8 lessons per school year without losing money. All make-up sessions will be held at the Naptown Sings and Plays! Studio: 141 Gibraltar Avenue, Annapolis, MD 21401
    1. 5th Lesson of the Month Make-Up Day: Each lesson payment covers four lessons per month. Every 2-3 months there is a 5th lesson day in the month (i.e. 5 Thursdays rather than 4). You will not be charged for this day. It will be used as a student make-up day for missed lessons in the same time increment your child normally receives lessons in (i.e. if the student normally receives 30-minute lessons, the make-up will be 30 minutes).
    2. Sunday Open Studio: Every quarter, your teacher will provide a Sunday open studio to serve as a make-up time for missed lessons. During this time, students will be offered an hour-long group lesson with other students who missed lessons more than what the 5th lesson day accommodates over the course of the three-month period.
      2018-2019 Open Studio Dates and Times: 12/2, 2/24, 5/19, 8/25 (subject to change).
      • Ben: 4-5 PM in Red Room
      • Ashley: 4-5 PM in Yellow Room
      • Lindsay: 4-5 PM in Blue Room
      • Connor: 5-6 PM in Purple Room
      • Trevor: 5-6 PM in Yellow Room
      • Richard: 5-6 PM in Blue Room
      • Sophia: 5-6 PM in Green Room
      • Meghan: 6-7 PM in Green Room
      • Laura: 6-7 PM in Blue Room
      • Greg B: 6-7 PM in Yellow Room
    3. Switching Lessons with Another Student: To switch, e-mail to request a contact list of all other students taught by your teacher. You may e-mail another student or parent and the cc teacher to request a switch. The switch must be approved by the other student and the teacher in order to go into effect.
  • Holidays: If the teacher, you, or your child are unable to attend lessons on the following holidays, you may choose to use the quarterly Open Studio date as a make-up or the occasional 5th lesson day of the month: Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, New Years Day. As a respect to diverse religious practices, please let us know of any standard major holidays applicable to your faith. The Holiday policy will apply. Occasionally, a teacher will offer an open-studio to accommodate Holiday cancellations. One-on-one make-ups for these days will be provided by request only.
  • Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather, an e-mail will be sent in a timely manner with a decision on whether to remain open or to close. If Anne Arundel County Public schools close and the studio remains open, you may use your discretion when deciding to come to the studio. If the studio closes, an open studio group lesson will be provided on a Sunday within 30 days of the cancellation. If the studio remains open, you may use the occasional 5th lesson day of the month, or the quarterly open studio date to make-up the lesson. One-on-one lesson make-ups will be provided by request only.

Studio Recital Dates

  • Sunday, December 9, 2018, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 11:00 AM Call Time
  • Sunday, June 16, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM, 11:00 AM Call Time

Arbitration Clause

  • Any dispute arising out of this contract is subject to arbitration. The non-prevailing party will pay all expenses, including attorney fees, associated with the dispute. In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction will be the state of Maryland.

Vocal Health and Practice at Home

(for voice students only)

Vocal Health

  • For Growing Children and Teens: Children’s bodies and voices are still growing. It is therefore important to make sure that their voices grow properly without damage to the voice. At this age, loud and high chest voice singing is discouraged. While we often see child prodigies sounding similar to artists like Christina Aguilera, it is much healthier to let kids sing like kids, rather than try to sound like adults.

Tips for Maintaining Vocal Health

  • Always warm-up before singing.
  • Only practice 20-30 minutes at a time, or less.
  • If it hurts, STOP and consult with your teacher.
  • High notes should always be sung in head voice and/or forward belt.
  • Keep chest voice singing to lower notes. These notes should be sung no louder than your normal speaking voice.
  • Drink lots of water. We need to stay hydrated while singing just like we do for sports. Water lubricates our vocal cords.
  • Please do not sing over sickness.

Warm-Ups and Exercises for Practice at Home:

  1. Posture: Hands up to the sky, flop down and touch your toes, slowly roll up until you are standing straight and tall; shoulders back and down, knees slightly bent, one foot in front of the other.
  2. Breathing: Try to suck all the air out of the room and fill up your stomachs (your diaphragm) with this air. Slowly hiss the air out. Try to do this for 15 seconds straight until you are out of air. Practice in front of a mirror to make sure you are making low breaths instead of high breaths.
  3. Consonants: Say consonants in sets of 4 - S, K, T, Ch, Sh. You should feel your stomach pushing in to create these consonants.
  4. Lip Trills: Brrrrrr all the way up and down.
  5. Sirens: Ooooo all the way up and down.
  6. Head Voice, Chest Voice, and Forward Belt: Sing notes or scales on an "oo" in your high pretty head voice, an "ah" in your lower speaking chest voice, and a "meow" in your higher forward belt.
  7. Scared breaths: Breathe quickly, as if something scared you, to fill up your diaphragm (stomach breath). Remember the breaths need to be SILENT scared breaths!
  8. Pick apart a song: Take one sentence of a song. Take a big low breath and sing it in one breath using your low breath air. Do the same for the rest of the sentences in the song, and then put the song together. You may use low and scared breaths for this, and head and chest voice.
  9. Song Practice with CD or Online Recording: Practices group and solo, duet, and/or trio songs.

Personal/Parent/Guardian Agreement and Consent

I hereby give permission for myself, or my child of whom I am the legal guardian, to be a participant in “Naptown Sings! Private Lessons”. I understand that neither Sophia Hardesty, the student’s instructor, Naptown Sings!, its representatives or members assume responsibility for any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses, or suits (including attorney fees), arising out of or resulting from the acts, errors or omissions by myself or my child. I understand that the student is expected to attend all lessons as described, and I understand and agree to the fees associated with our participation in this course.

Media Release

I hereby authorize Naptown Sings!, its representatives and members the right to take photographs and/or video footage of me, and to publish these photographs and/or video, along with the use of my name, for use in any Naptown Sings! promotional material, in print or on any digital platform.

I acknowledge that my participation in promotional media produced by Naptown Sings! is voluntary, and I will receive no financial compensation for my participation. I further agree that my participation in any publication and/or website produced by Naptown Sings! confers upon me no rights of ownership whatsoever.

I agree that Naptown Sings! may use such photographs or video footage of me with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including, for example, such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising, and digital content.

I release Naptown Sings!, its contractors and its members from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation.

Prior to registering for lessons, please familiarize yourselves with these policies, and write down all pertinent dates. You will be required to initial each part of the contract upon registering. This will avoid any future confusion.

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