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The Amazing Teachers of Naptown Sings!

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Teacher of the Week – Freddy Lawson

Singer and Musician

We are so excited to welcome Mr. Freddy to the Naptown Sings and Plays! team as our new Musikgarten and Music Immersion teacher. His big smile, AMAZING voice, and engaging personality has our little ones patting, tapping, jumping, dancing, twirling, play and moving to the music every class!

Freddy Lawson is a singer and musician born in Washington, D.C. in 1989. His love of music began in childhood. After studying music throughout school, he began teaching early childhood music classes in 2015.

Sophia Hardesty

Owner/Operator, Voice, Glee and Early Music

Trevor Shipley

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass, Irish Whistle and Songwriting

Freddy Lawson

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, and Early Music

Chris Aiken

Drum Instructor

Latera Day

Birthday Party Director

Sean Pietras

 Guitar, Ukulele, Electric Bass and Songwriting

Jason Kearse

Piano and Drums

Sara Speargas

Voice, Piano and Early Music

Mercy Calhoun Dion

Voice and Piano

Meghan Taylor

Voice, Acting, Ukulele and Glee

Megan Brooks

Voice, Piano, Ukulele and Early Music

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