Naptown Sings and Plays! Lessons Policies

Naptown Sings! Kids Glee Club and Vocal Workshop Policies & Information

Classes, Rehearsals, and Concerts

  • All rehearsals will take place at the Naptown Sings! Studio, including the dress rehearsal
  • The concert is open to the public, so feel free please bring family and friends to share in this experience!
  • Concert attire is something fun! Self-expression is important.


  • Tuition for each Naptown Sings! Session is noted above on the relevant class section.
  • To secure you child’s spot, a 50% deposit is required.
  • The remaining 50% is due on the first day of class. NOTE: We are happy to be flexible with payment plans if needed.

Rehearsal and Concert Attendance

  • By committing to join this Naptown Sings! Session, students are committing to the program in its entirety, including 12-classes and a final performance.
  • If a student must miss a class, notification is to be given at least 24 hours prior to the start of class, and a valid excuse must be given.
  • Absences due to illness require a doctor’s note and will be excused.
  • ALL students are required to attend the dress rehearsal and final concert, no exceptions.

Classroom Rules

Please respect your teacher and fellow classmates by following these rules:

  • Show up on time for all rehearsals and call times.
  • Quietly enter rehearsals and wait for instructions.
  • Keep talking to a minimum during rehearsals.
  • Come prepared with all assigned materials.
  • Keep a positive, supportive attitude at all times.
  • Come prepared to have lots of fun!


  • Binder (Pre-Glee only needs a folder)
  • Pencil
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Water bottle

Vocal Health and Practice at Home

Vocal Health

  • For Growing Children and Teens: Children’s bodies and voices are still growing. It is therefore important to make sure that their voices grow properly without damage to the voice. At this age, loud and high chest voice singing is discouraged. While we often see child prodigies sounding similar to artists like Christina Aguilera, it is much healthier to let kids sing like kids, rather than try to sound like adults.

Tips for Maintaining Vocal Health

  • Always warm-up before singing.
  • Only practice 20-30 minutes at a time, or less.
  • If it hurts, STOP and consult with Mrs. Sophia.
  • High notes should always be sung in head voice.
  • Minimize chest voice singing, and focus on head and middle voice.
  • Drink lots of water. We need to stay hydrated while singing just like we do for sports. Water lubricates our vocal cords.
  • Please do not sing over sickness.

Warm-ups and Exercises for Practice at Home

  1. Posture: Hands up to the sky, flop down and touch your toes, slowly roll up until you are standing straight and tall; shoulders back and down, knees slightly bent, one foot in front of the other.
  2. Breathing: Try to suck all the air out of the room and fill up your stomachs(you diaphragm) with this air. Slowly hiss the air out. Try to do this for 15 seconds straight until you are out of air. Practice in front of a mirror to make sure you are making low breaths instead of high breaths.
  3. Consonants: Say consonants in sets of 4 – S, K, T, Ch, Sh. You should feel your stomach pushing in to create these consonants.
  4. Lip Trills: Brrrrrr all the way up and down.
  5. Sirens: Ooooo all the way up and down.
  6. Head Voice and Chest Voice: Sing one long note in head voice(high pretty voice) until out of breath. Repeat for different notes. Make sure you are doing low breaths.
  7. Scared breaths: Breathe quickly, as if something scared you, to fill up your diaphragm(stomach breath). Remember the breaths need to be SILENT scared breaths!
  8. Pick apart a song: Take one sentence of a song. Take a big low breath and sing it in one breath using your low breath air. Do the same for the rest of the sentences in the song, and then put the song together. You may use low and scared breaths for this, and head and chest voice.
  9. Song Practice with CD or Online Recording: Practices group and solo, duet, and/or trio songs.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to a fun-filled session of Naptown Sings!

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