Adult Lessons and Classes

Adults Welcome!

Annapolis is known for many things, including its vibrant music scene and support for the Arts. Adults are a HUGE part of this artistic community, and Naptown Sings and Plays is a part of that! Whether you are a seasoned performer looking to develop your musicianship/theory knowledge, a Symphony musician wanting to explore more commercial/jazz styles, a drummer or producer with a desire to learn to sing/play piano, or a community musical theatre vocalist needing some vocal direction regarding repertoire choice/development, audition prep, range development, etc. Naptown Sings and Plays! has a teacher who can get you there. Currently, we offer lessons for adults busy schedules; daytime, afternoon, evening or weekend. This is a Community of continued learning. In addition to private lessons, we offer group class options in musicianship, vocal jazz, and musical theatre/acting for adults by request. All of our teachers, whom are masters in their fields, specialize in teaching adults as well as children.

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