About Naptown Sings!

Founder’s Notes

Naptown Sings…and Plays! has one main goal: make music fun and inspiring for people of all ages, abilities and financial situations. Music lessons often get a bad rap for being boring, stuffy, and sometimes uninspiring. At Naptown Sings…and Plays! our teachers are upbeat, keep it fun, and cater to the interests of the students, all while ensuring a high-quality music education for all. Located in the heart of Annapolis we strive to be a staple in the community where anyone can go to be musically enriched. Annapolis is a musical town. We thrive through our local music scene, community theatres, parades and festivals, local venues, and our growing arts community. Naptown Sings…and Plays! is here to carry on the torch of Annapolis’ musical heritage through the next generation.


At Naptown Sings! we understand that in order to musically inspire a student, there must be an element of fun. That's why we keep it upbeat and offer programs that pique the varied interests of our students.


Fun does NOT sacrifice quality. We engage our students in high-quality music education programs that help students grow both individually and technically, and with confidence.


Annapolis is a musical community with many musical wants and needs. At Naptown Sings! we listen to the community and create classes and programs accordingly. Additionally, we work with numerous organizations to bring scholarship programs to students who cannot otherwise afford music lessons and classes.


It is an important part of our mission to be a safe space for all of our students who walk through our doors. We welcome and nurture students of all races, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, financial situations, and creeds. Music is the great equalizer. It is also a tool to enact social change and to stand up for what we believe in. Music is a fundamental part of our humanity. There is not a person on this planet who hasn’t been affected by music in some way. There is not a culture out there that doesn’t create music in some way. While we pride ourselves in being a “modern” music education school, we understand that the past has created what exists today. We strive to expose our students to various genres of music, music throughout the world, and the history behind them, as we feel this is what best fosters human understanding and bridges barriers that exist in our society.


We strongly feel that access to high-quality music education should be for all students. Please do not let financial constraints hold you back from joining our family. Apply for a need-based scholarship HERE

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