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We have one main goal: make music fun and inspiring for people of all ages, abilities and financial situations. Music lessons often get a bad rap for being boring, stuffy, and sometimes uninspiring. At Naptown Sings…and Plays! our teachers are upbeat, keep it fun, and cater to the interests of the students, all while ensuring a high-quality music education for all. Located in the heart of Annapolis we strive to be a staple in the community where anyone can go to be musically enriched. Annapolis is a musical town. We thrive through our local music scene, community theatres, parades and festivals, local venues, and our growing Arts District. Naptown Sings and Plays! is here to carry on the torch of Annapolis’ musical heritage through the next generation.

Modern Music Education Done Right


Our classes are upbeat and fun, and pique the varied interests of our students.


Our highly qualified instructors foster technique, individuality and confidence in every student.


Our programs match the needs of the community through local performances, organizational partnerships, and scholarship funding.

Glee Club Singing


We welcome and nurture students of ALL races, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, financial situations and creeds.

Glee Club Singing


We strongly feel that access to high-quality music education should be for all students. Please do not let financial constraints hold you back from joining our family. Apply for a need-based scholarship HERE

Our Programs

  • Private Lessons (All Ages)
  • Glee Clubs (Ages 4-18)
  • Musikgarten: Early Music Education (Ages 0-5)
  • Adult Lessons and Classes
  • Summer Camps and Classes
  • School Outreach Lessons
  • Open Mics
  • Birthday Parties

Music Programs for All Ages in Annapolis, MD

We are so happy to be able to offer music programs from birth through adulthood. Our Musikgarten: Family Music for 0 to 3-year-olds, parent and me style class is a great way to instill music at the earliest age. As the little ones progress, we offer a Music Immersion class for 3 to 5-year-olds, designed to teach musical skills before taking up an instrument. As students enter elementary school, we offer leveled Glee Clubs, and Private Voice and Instrument Lessons to nurture your child’s musical development in a more technical way while inspiring each child through their interests. Glee Clubs and Lessons continue throughout Middle and High School to allow students to hone their musical proficiency. Private Lessons at the studio are available for students of any age. Yes, you can still pick up the guitar at 70! Learning an instrument is great, but putting that instrument to use is equally important. At Naptown Sings and Plays! we have created a community of music through regular open mics, bi-yearly recitals, concerts at the end of each Glee Club session, regular gigs at the BEST Annapolis festivals, and outreach to local schools and beyond. We are proud to be a one-stop musical resource for Annapolis music, and don’t forget about our Summer Camps! Join us to see why the hype around us is so real!

What Our Students and Their Parents Think of Naptown Sings and Plays

Our daughter has been taking a small group lesson for three years and we can really tell the difference in her awareness of the songs she hears on the radio and whether or not they are a song that would work for her.
   John D.
Great communication during this difficult time in lockdown. they have really helped keep music in kids’ lives which is so important!
   Jenifer T.
My 4-year-old daughter declared this the best birthday ever! She and her friends loved exploring all of the instruments and singing/dancing.
   Sheri Saltzman B.
Mrs. Sophia is very patient and puts so much into her classes! She really goes out of her way to make singing fun for the kids.
   Stephen J.

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